Black mat in bottom of Nuc box

I have just transferred my new Nucleus of five frames to my flow hive - with three frames of foundation. I found that there was a black mat about 15 x 15 cm and perhaps 1/2 cm thick - would this be a small hive beetle control of some sort? I hope I haven’'t done the wrong thing by placing this in the base of my flow hive. In fact I pushed it into the entrance and so half of the entrance is blocked off. I figured being new to the hive this could double up to help defend the larger area that I have created. Any feedback?

Hi David,
It will be an Apithor for beetle control (they are about the size of a CD case). They are very good on the base or on top of the frames, just check that the entrances to the trap are open, the bees tend to propolise them up. If you need to, re-open using wire or a screwdriver, but not the hive tool as there is an insecticide inside. Probably best not to have it near the entrance as the rain may wash some of the insecticide out onto the landing board, just push further inside the hive just in case.

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Thanks I’ll check it this arvo and then push further in. Those bees are going off!

As in, “lots of buzzing around the place”?

Correct!! Lots of activity

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