The tray set up at the base

Hi fellow apiarists,
I am confused about how to set up the ‘trap’ (is that what it is?) at the base. Do I slide this white board into the lower or upper groove, and now I’ve seen a post with a metal tray for vegetable oil - all a bit bewildering - and a bit disturbing finding what I think is wax moth larvae down there (see my post in pests and diseases from just 5 minutes ago). Thanks all - I feel like I’'m all take and no give ATM with this forum but will get better at it and hopefully pass info to other newbies in the future :smile:

That board is just a ventilation control. Some people attack chux cloth or a cheap disposable plastic table cloth with the fluffy side up to trap the beetle legs.
I have the metal tray from Ultimate Beetle trap you can look them up on face book. Anything that goes in the vegetable oil drowns quick. This has reduced my beetle count very well.

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