Bottom board and screen

So I have assembled my new flow hive and am off tomorrow to fetch as swarm in a friends yard but am missing the board that went below the screen. Do I need it here in Southern California or can I leave it off? I’m not concerned about temperature control, but we have a problem with ants invading our hives and this seems like an easy way in (even with the board frankly). Also, is there anything wrong with attaching the bottom board to the brood box with screws? Seems like it would be much more secure and stable that way.

Do a search on bees getting in between the screen and the bottom board. There are two issues with the screen. You might have some larger gaps that can be fixed easily or the screen might be a tad bit too large and some bees can make it thru the screen like they did on my hives. There are a few places in this forum that address the screen problem.

The weight of the brood box will hold it on your bottom board, you shouldn’t have to secure it with screws.

Thanks, I will research the area you mentioned. Do you ever have to move your hive? I’m afraid I couldn’t move it even a few feet with the bottom not attached. I am accustomed to professional boxes that my mentor uses and the all have solid bottoms. Loose makes me nervous

I’m new to bee keeping this year and got my nucs at the start of April. I have not had to move either hive for any reason and when I do my checks I just lift off the top and look thru the frames. At the start of May I added a medium box and will add another medium when the first is full of brood. I think the mediums on top of the main box will be easier for me to lift and manouver around. After the brood boxes are almost full I plan to add the flow hive. If I need to move the bottom box I’ll just set it on an extra box that I have then I’ll move the bottom. Loose made me nervous too but when the bees get to doing their thing it all feels pretty solid.