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Switching out bottom boards

Hi all. I posted several weeks ago about being fed up with my screened bottom boards, particularly the one from a local supplier. The way the coreflute was cut made it a perfect ant farm, and how it was constructed allowed bees to become trapped between it and the screen :frowning:

I have a solid bottom board ready and wondered if anyone has particular advice or sees a problem with a quick change-out in 70F sunny fall weather, here in SE Pennsylvania. No wind either. Thanks!

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Go for it! :wink:

If the boxes are too heavy to lift easily, you can put some of the frames into an empty box at the side, and then easily lift the half empty deep. :blush:


Just do it :sunglasses:

Lift each box off and do a quick swap. 70° Is plenty warm enough, its a quick job afterall.


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and just be aware if there is a slope on your Flow base that this will not carry over to the new solid base. Additionally, traditional beekeepers will put a forward slope on their bases so any water from rain or moisture in the hive will be directed out the entrance and not pool in the hive.


Thanks all! Mission accomplished. I replaced the SBB from a different supplier; the Flow SBB is stored with the rest of my wax moth deadout equipment :frowning:️ Didn’t have as much of a problem with the Flow’s SBB…

It was a quick job, not the that pleased the bees any :open_mouth: I got chased, but fortunately not stung!


Only chased, no sport then :sunglasses:

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