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Bottom white board

please do I have to put the withe board on the upper notch or on the lower notch? And how do I decide which one to use please?

My understanding is for less ventilation it should be closer to the screen. For maximum ventilation, out completely although it seems there is some difference of opinions as to whether the bees would ever need so much open space.

Less ventilation is cold/windy times or when pheromones need to be concentrated. More ventilation when it’s hot or damp and maybe when harvesting?

Anybody else’s thoughts?


Thanks that’s useful

Hi Alok,

By positioning the Corflute slider in the lower slot:
• You increase ventilation in your hive
• And you can place a small hive beetle trap on top.

It is important to have the Corflute slider in the upper slot when:
• installing your bees
• extracting your honey (This will help any dribbles of honey that may occur stay within the hive for the bees to re-use).

The purpose of putting the whiteboard (corflute) slider in the top slot is to stop all ventilation through the mesh at the bottom of the hive - excepting for the entrance of course. Bees will more likely stay in a box if there are no draughts from places they cannot seal up.

Once the colony is established many beekeepers prefer to open the ventilation at the base by putting the slider in the bottom slot.

Pulling out the slider and observing what detritus is falling through the mesh floor gives a beekeeper an indication of the health of the hive and the degree to which pests like wax-moth and small hive beetles are present.

Please let me know if you have any other questions – Leah.

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