Broken flow hive frame - wire problems!

hi ! I have a second hand flow hive and one of the frames was broken. I have managed to put it together but the wires are much too long (i can’t wind them enough to get the tension tight enough to hold the frame). Does anyone have any ideas ?
I also wondering if it would it work to leave this frame in the super for the bees and not harvest it ? . x

I suggest you email your question to with photos attached. The Flow team there will help you sort it out. We are mostly beekeepers on this forum and can assist with beekeeping problems, but technical issues with Flow products are very well handled by the Flow professionals like @Freebee2 and her colleagues :wink:


thank you ! a beekeeping question - would it be a bad idea to leave one frame out ? if so should it be at the end?

Hi Justine,
If it’s just a matter of the cable being too long we can supply a replacement if you need - please email if you need any product assistance.
It would be best not to leave a frame out as you could get cross comb forming, but if you don’t wish to replace the frame or cable, you could potentially place a divider board to the side of the frames in use to prevent the bees from accessing one end.
Otherwise, you could give it a try and just keep an eye on it during inspections. But my recommendation would be to complete the set up by repairing or replacing the broken frame.
Please do get in touch with us by email if you need any assistance and we’ll be glad to help.

Thank you !

It would be great to order two new wires.

In the meantime I have put the frame together without the wire - should I put this in the super ? Or If I leave a gap ( or block off ) which is the best side to leave it ?



Hi Justine,
If your brood box is heaving (and it should be before you add the super) - then yes you could sit the frame inside while you wait for the wires if you wish. There is no preference as to which side.
We should be able to get the cables to you pretty quickly if you email us - so there won’t be much opportunity for your super to get too messy or have any issues with cross comb etc. - the email to use is
We look forward to hearing from you.

The other option is to place normal frames in to be used while you do the permanent repair. This would be my preference in your place.

thank you !! I have emailed you

thanks Adam , good advice. I am brand new to this so working it all out !!

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