Flow Hive Super as Brood box

I am thinking of using my flow hive super box (not frames) as my brood box. This is year one, and I live in the midwest. It would let me and my kids easily observe the bees via the windows. If my bees fill that deep and the other deep that I bought then I could pull the frames. My thought was if I get lucky enough to need the flow frames in a super I could remove the traditional frames and put them in an empty deep box and then put the flow frames back into the flow super box. Does anybody see anything wrong with that? Is switch the frames out of one box into another a problem?

I can’t see anything wrong with that strategy.

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Sounds like a grand plan!

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It should be OK! I wish i thought of that when i started.
HOWEVER I wouldnt open the back of the flow super box! Otherwise bees will probably fall out! Only use the side window to observe.

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Great idea, you should tape up any air gaps around the removable windows to prevent cool air from chilling the brood.

Good advice the flow frames are made so bees can’t get out, but traditional frames the bees could get out.