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Brood box modified for my Flow frames


I have completed my brood box modification just wanted to share some pictures, looking forward to the summer.

Happy Bee keeping.


Wow, that is stunningly beautiful!



That is what taking pride in your work looks like!


Love the copper roof… should last a lifetime…


If that was a house in Vancouver, $6 million!!


nice one…

you have done an excellent job…


Nice job and as we say down under “Just like a bought one, only better”

Edit: PS
I like your table . Did you make it?


Sorry brother,
The flow hive is NOT the brood box! It is a super ABOVE the brood box , usually with a queen excluder between You do not want brood in your flow frames.


Beautiful queen just below center in that photo! :slightly_smiling:


Wow, is a beutifull beehive. :honeybee::+1:t3::honeybee:.


Here in the UK the super is smaller, I purchased a brood box to accommodate the flow frames and it is now the super.


Lol I bought the table.


but you’re not curious?
on both sides of a window, good idea.
beekeepers say the young beekeeper 3 bees peoples need.
to 2 through the winter and one to loock to death. :yum::yum::yum:


Excellent, I see. Here in the eastern US we use double deeps for brood (also in the winter) & I put the flow hive on top of these super hives. Dv


Yes, this thing is so pretty I’d just want one for the living room to enjoy and show others.
Nice job Mark!


Thank you it complements the flow frames