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Brood box or super, Newcastle, NSW, Australia


My flow frames are nearly ready to harvest, Would it be best delay the harvest and put another brood box or super on and leave the harvest till spring. It is coming on mid winter here in eastern Australia.


@Novanewbee, your profile mentions you are in Newcastle. At a guess I’m going to say the climate is comparable to Perth given a somewhat similar latitude. This being the case I would neither harvest now or put a new brood box/super on - I’d sit tight.

  • What reason would you have to put a new brood box on mid-winter? Is there something about your hive that makes you think you should be expanding the hive, especially during mid-winter (even if it is a mild winter)?
  • And if you harvest is there sufficient flora in flower to supply the bees (remember, not everything is heavy nectar bearing)?
  • Personally, I would recommend you sit tight for a another 2 months and look forward to an early Spring harvest.


    I’m also on the eastern side of Australia, I would harvest now if the frames are ready, there is always plenty of honey in the brood box to keep the bees going.

    I would not add another brood box, I would/will do preemptive swarm control in the spring, when I think the hives need it. I would rather have two hives with one brood box each than one hive that has two brood boxes.


    I agree with Jeff, being in Newcastle there is no reason to run two brood boxes, and don’t do anything in the middle of winter. Wait till spring. If your bees have filled and capped all your Flow frames then you could afford to take a frame or two but be wary unless you know there are flowering trees due to open in the coming weeks. Winter is not the time to take honey, just wait a little longer, just in case.


    I harvested a frame last weekend to give the bees some room as they are busy bringing in pollen and nectar west of Brisbane. I noticed a number of gums coming into flower at the moment so I’m thinking an early August split may be in order. I did a hive inspection the week before I harvested the frames and the brood box was overflowing with bees - I think winter was on a Sunday in Queensland this year!


    Hi Paul, I think you’re spot on. I’m anticipating a bit of swarm control in a couple of weeks out of a couple of hives.


    Thanks guys, All info is helpful. I will wait till spring to harvest !