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Should I add another brood box

Hi I’m down in Denmark wa just starting out this year. I have had my super box on for about 5 weeks and bees have occupied and starting calling on the 3 centre frames. Upon inspection of the brood box all 8 frames are very full and packed with all the goods. Should I consider putting another brood box on? Thanks

I would check with what local bee keepers are doing in your area for advice, I guess you are in a colder climate that the guys in the Perth area. If you opt for a second brood box on their advice you might be better of with just the double brood boxes till the colony is really booming as it is a common mistake to provide too much room for the colony and that will set them back, bees thrive in very high density living.
Why did you add the flow Super?, reason I’m asking is that often they are put on as you have it assembled, so why not!!

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Hi Peter thanks for your info. I put the super on as I bought a 5 frame hive and transferred into my flow hive and after a couple of months they had drawn out the other 3 and occupied, this would have been about end off September when I put the super on. Thanks

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