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Brood box turned 180 deg

I made an inspection yesterday and I put the brood box back the other way round, turned 180 degrees.

Is this an issue?

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Not really. If one side of the hive is warmer than the other from sun exposure, it will make a bit more work for the bees for a while. Probably not worth taking it all apart to correct it though. At least I wouldn’t. :blush:

You might find a bit of an orientation issue with the bees going to the old entrance location so if it is just a matter of removing the super and turning the brood box 180 degrees I would do that. But if your not inclined to do that then the bees fill find the entrance, but better if the entrance is facing roughly North rather than South.

Thanks, good to know. I don’t think that any of the long sides is warmer than the other. The front side (short) faces north, so that will take more sun for sure.

BTW, I took the brood box off the bottom board just to check the condition and cleanliness of the bottom board. Wanted to also see if any wax moths larvae were present. Glad to see none.