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Issues with putting boxes back in the opposite direction? (180 turn)


I think this is a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Are there any issues with putting boxes back in the opposite direction after an inspection? I feel like we never paid attention to that during the course I did.

My question is more around the orientation of the flow frame super I am soon to stand up. It’s going on my front deck right in a corner - lots of space behind it for inspections but it will live pretty tightly in the corner.

The placement is such that where I have the window visible, the flow outlets will be outwardly facing the decking, and vice versa if I want to harvest. I’d like to leave the observation window visible, but when its time to harvest, flip the boxes, probably wait a day for them to chill out, then harvest.

Any orientation issues?


No problem turning the super round. If you’re turning the whole hive then do it incrementally over a week


As Dee has said, I wouldn’t expect challenges turning the Super around. However, if you’re going to harvest like that aren’t your honey jars are going to be almost directly in front of the hive entrance?
I’m sure you could find a way to make it work but it might need some thought to make sure you’re not going to start the bees robbing their own honey.


I think he explained that he was wanting to keep the super that way around to use the observation window on the side conveniently. Then the day before harvest he would like to rotate it so that the access ports are all at the back for the harvest. :blush:


Thanks all!

Dawn has got my idea. Glad to hear it will work well!