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Brood in some flow frames

I have found brood in some of my flow frames. Any suggestions? Thank you!


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Hello Heather and a big welcome to the forum where you will find heaps of reading and experienced advice.
Here are three ways the queen can end up laying eggs in the super.

  1. There is no QX fitted.
  2. If you have a plastic QX more than a couple of years old it may have become brittle and a piece broken out or even worse it has sagged and providing a gap for the queen to pass through it that can be hard to see the extra gap width. The fix is to buy a wire QX which will last decades and a lot less risk of the queen getting thru. I have tried a few different plastic QX’s but they end up in my recycle bin and I regard them as just junk but better than nothing.
  3. When you have done a brood inspection the queen has been on the bottom side of the QX and in reassembling the hive she has been on the top side of the QX.

Thanks so much for your advice. I will try a different QX.