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Building comb on top of frames

Im new to the bee world and wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction.
My bees have started building on the side outside of my flow frame.
Please see my attached picture
Many thanks in advance

From that single view it’s hard to say much - bee numbers look good, maybe they’re out of room or the frame was a bit too far from that side? What did it look like at the last inspection?

I’d recommend getting in there and making sure the frames are centered and spaced properly.

Hi Bre, welcome to the forum! I agree with Alok that your bee numbers look good, and judging by that extra hunk of comb plus the fact that the outer frame is about to be capped, your colony might be about to swarm.

Definitely check the frame alignment just in case that’s all it is, but do a brood inspection as well to check for queen cells & plan your strategy. There’s tons of info posted in the Swarms topic but if you need any guidance on that once you see what’s what, just shout!

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Hi, is the queen excluder below your flow super?