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Empty flow frames

We put our flow super on last november.
Last weekend there was a lot of activity up in there.
But now it looks empty again.
Any ideas.

Hi Colleen and welcome! It sounds to me like your bees might have swarmed. How did the brood box look when you last inspected? Any queen cells, how much drone brood etc?

The brood box still looking good.
I dont think they like the flow frames much.

When you say that the honey super had a lot of activity last weekend, but now it looks empty again indicates to me that the colony may have swarmed during the interim period.

It would be good if you could do a brood inspection & take some photos to share with us. Then us highly skilled, intelligent (and humble) brains trusts can give a verdict.



Ok Thanks.
I wont be back near the bees for a few days so will see what I can get then

Colleen Crawford

Thanks Colleen, it will be great to see a few pics to be able to help you better. Also - you mentioned putting your Flow super on last November. Has it stayed on, or did you remove it at some point and put it back just now?