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Building the new hives when they arrive

@Jake, thank you very much. I understand there was also some talk at one point regarding the need for a small strip of metal be attached to the bottom of the box for structural integrity and also to prevent Bee’s from possible escape? can you comment on that?

And yes i did order the 7 frame kit for a full flow box. I understand the desire to get published information correct.

Im also considering doing some Hives that have observation ports on the side but could be easily converted to accept the flow configurations so i would be interested to see the PDF’s for all the configurations when they come out.

Thanks for these measurements it will let me get started on my box.

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No problem. The manual has details on the metal strip as well as side viewing windows. Will keep you posted.

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Thanks @Jake for the update and @US_Aussie for your persistence!

Hi all, we just released the ‘Modifying a Langstroth Box for Flow Frames™’ PDF here, I hope that helps:


Further to what Rodderick said regarding pine, there will also be an option for a “premium” hive that will use reclaimed Australian Cypress timber.

No word on pricing yet for this, though the link to the shop page is: http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/accessories/premium-flow-hive/p/95

You might be worth holding off until you see if this comes out at a reasonable enough price for you?


I notice there is a 2.5º - 4º slope towards the Rear - ie for the honey to Flow. How will that affect rain water getting In?

Can we see a front view of the box please?

Yes its best to have a slope to the back when harvesting honey, different than usual, you can either have a sloped bottom board to stop water pooling, or just ‘chock’ up the front of the hive a few mm when harvesting (my method).

Front view of the box is pretty boring, its just a standard Lang side :wink: without any cuts etc, just the normal handhold.

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Just a few more days / week until we can reveal all for the timber, its very exciting, stay tuned…


Can’t wait!!!..

There will be a short time window for harvesting honey in my part of the US. Would it be possible to create the backward slope of the hive only at the time of harvest using the Flow Light Frames? If so, then all I would need are temporary wood shims in place the night before.

That’s what I’m thinking just tilt for flow harvesting

At last we have the instructions for modifying your langstroth super to fit the various frame configurations.

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So…I have a very stupid question but I thought when I purchased the Flow Hive for $600 that I was purchasing everything I was going to need except the bees and a stand for the hive to sit on. But you all are talking about having to build something…I’m confused.
I need to clear up what did I actually purchase, and what do I still need?mi thought I purchased an entire system.

Feeling dumb and confused…

With the full flow hive you will have most of what you need. Bee suit, smoker and gloves are a few extras you will need.
There are a whole bunch of little bits and pieces you might collect and tinker with as you get into beekeeping.

A lot of what people are referring to above and the modification instructions I posted are for people who just bought the flow frames and are planing on modifying their own bee boxes to fit the flow frames.


Are there pre drilled holes for us?

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Might have to wait a little longer for the first hives to go out the door before we know the answer.

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Yes! That would help so much in the assembly! Thank you!

And the more I read the more questions I have! Sorry! Does the hive come with a screen bottom board? Is there a excluder with it? Or are these extra things we have to buy? Also Do frames come in the brood box?

I think you’ll find its a basic hive with solid bottom board (not screened) and from the campaign website the queen excluder was not in the list of items for the complete hive. If you need a screened bottom board for mites then you may need to get this separately. Do you recall which option you bought into 8 or 10 frame hive? You won’t need the excluder for a little while until your bees have built up their numbers.

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This is from http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/complete-full-flow-hive/p/65

Originally it wasn’t stated that there was a Queen Excluder, but if you have purchased the Complete Full Flow™ Hive, a Queen excluder is included.

Complete Full Flow™ Hive includes:

6 x Flow frames (to fit a Langstroth 8 frame)
Brood box (bottom box) with standard frames + wax foundation
Top box (super)
Queen excluder
3 x tubes to drain 3 frames at a time
1 x stainless steel ‘key’ tool to open Flow frames
Flow hive Manual

Does not include:

Please note, the price shown in the picture was during the initial crowd funding campaign and may change when it is sold through our web shop.