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Bumble Bees in my yard

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. I am a new beek and want to know if bumble bees are a threat to my hive? So far I’ve seen a large black one and a couple yellow and black ones in my yard. Citrus are in bloom right now, so attracting both honey bees and the bumble bees.

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Not at all. Bumble bees have a much longer proboscis (so they gather different nectar types) and tend to pollinate different plants. Let them live together in peace! :wink:

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Once in a while in the fall I find a black bumble bee carcass. After all the hair is pulled off they are shiny and black… but I’ve never seen a real issue with the bees and bumble bees.


Michael n Dawn have both given you the positive answer to your question. I raise my honeybees near two hives/houses of Masonbees n I see the lonely bumblebees in my garden n small fruit trees. They are getting along a million % better than human ! So I’d say as Dawn, Michael n others… "No Sweat, don’t panic, n so on ! Let nature reign …

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