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How do you know if there are 🐝 in your neighbourhood


How do you know if there are :honeybee: in your neighbourhood


Look for bees foraging on anything in flower for activity from bees. Don’t bother looking during rain as bees will stay in the hive but at this time of year there is nectar about so if there are hives in your area there will be bees working.
If you are thinking of becoming a bee keeper join your local bee club and learn before you leap.


Thanks saw a bumble :honeybee: the other day it was 3 times the size of honey :honeybee: do they make :honey_pot:



I’m not sure if this might help identify what you saw. You will note the legal requirements there too.


Blue-banded bee, thanks for the link


Yes but only for themselves


Without :honeybee: we would stave


So very true, the bees do a lot of pollinating of food crops and not just with flowers as some people think. Also stock food is very reliant on pollination.
Honey bees were once very common but the last foraging bee I saw in my veggie garden was about 7 years ago till I brought a hive home, even neighbors have noticed that they see bees flying about their gardens. I don’t let on that there is a hive close by.
Welcome to the forum Darren, there is lots of information from members only too happy to help.