Buy/ Sell Bees in Western Sydney

Hi all,
Buying a flow hive in the next week or so. I was just wondering if anybody here sells bees around the Campbelltown/ MacArthur/ Western Sydney area. And if anybody can tell me what type of bees are the best to have. I saw somewhere that European bees work best or Australian bees don’t like the flow hive. Not sure if this is true or not.

You need European honeybees for a flow hive.

You’re going to have trouble getting bees unless you’ve got your name on a list for a nuc or you are happy to establish your hive using a swarm from a swarm collector.
Have you contacted your local club?

East coast Australia breeders seem to be breeding mainly Italian, caucasian or ligurian (if you’re buying off Bunyip or from Kangaroo Island) strains.

My personal preference is caucasians, but in saying that most of the hives I run are Italians.

If you’re getting a swarm that won’t really matter unless you manage to buy a queen to requeen it.

Local club said Italian bees are the best for my area. I can get a Nuc for $120, no wait list.
I was going to see if anyone in the club has a nuc that I can purchase.
Flow hive is on back order right now, 9 in the making. Not sure how long i have to wait to get mine, usually 2 weeks but i suppose it will be quite a bit longer.

Can I ask where you can get that nuc? Interested to know where they are getting the queens.

What do you mean ‘9 in the making?’

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