Does the flow hive work with only 1 species of bees?

I live in USA, North Carolina. I have watched several of your videos and reignited my desire to start beekeeping. I want to get a flow hive you offer for the easy honey extraction and the community you provide for new beekeepers. My main concern is, can I only use the bees that come from Austrailia or can any species use the flow hive. I seen it in one of the Q&A videos that it only works with a certain species of bees. If it is only 1 species, do you send that species with the hive? Also, will those bees survive in North Carolina, USA? What happens if a queen dies, will my hive leave before I am able to get another queen? Sorry, I have a ton of beginner questions I have before I start beekeeping so I know I am doing it right. Thank you!

Hi and welcome CJ! It’s good to ask lots of questions, this is a pretty challenging new hobby to take on. I’d call it more than a hobby actually…

The species in question is the European honey bee, the main type kept by beekeepers worldwide. So no worries getting the right kind - there are suppliers for them everywhere! Just google ‘package bees near me’ and I am certain you’ll get a long list of options. The supplier can also offer you tips or even mentoring assistance as you get started, which is really helpful in addition to joining this community.

A bit of advice for when you do contact local beekeepers - it’s better not to mention the Flow hive, at least at first. This is because many traditional beeks have been skeptical or downright negative towards it, even though the system itself has little to do with how well or poorly a beekeeper cares for their colonies. This attitude can be confusing to newbeeks when they really just need practical advice, for which all but the harvesting method still applies to Flow owners.

The bees can make a new queen as long as there are eggs & young larvae to use. But we can help you cross that bridge if you ever come to it :sunglasses:


@BeekeeperCJ I am just south of Charlotte NC, and just finished the setup of my Flow 2 Hive, I have a Nuc that I am adding to the box tomorrow.

I have been working with a local bee keeping group, and I normally start out with I’m trying to Flow hive and I know it may not be for everyone but we are going to give it a shot and see how it goes. Everyone Ive met has been great. They all tell say if you ask 15 Beekeepers something you will get 15 answers.


I am curious where you got your bees from? From what I understand, the flow hive only supports the European honey bee due to the engineering? I could be wrong.

@BeekeeperCJ i have Italian honey bees

From the flow site it states “ Flow Frames are compatible with any subspecies or breed of Apis mellifera (Western/European honey bee) that is amenable to being maintained in a removable frame Langstroth hive.

I use the Italian bees which are Apis mellifera ligustica, is the Italian bee which is a subspecies of the Apis mellifera. So based on the information from the flow site the Italian bees would be a suitable bee. I got mine from the local bee club on our bee day.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for that information. I have seen advertising for the Italian bee. I am studying this year and plan to start up next year! Hope all goes well with yours.

I would search for Bob Binnie, Blue Mountain Honey Company in NC, and get a nuc or 3 of his Carniolans. Search his name on YouTube and he’ll keep you headed in the right direction.

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When you purchase a Flow Hive, you will not receive bees with it. You’ll need to acquire your own bees from a local supplier or catch a swarm. I would recommend doing some research to find a reputable supplier in your area. They can provide you with a package of bees or a nuc (nucleus colony) that includes a queen.