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Buying a nuc in Victoria

My backyard is getting a makeover with bee-friendly native and non-native plants and will take several months to finish. I was wondering the latest month/season I can still buy a nuc (when nucs are still available) to start my new hive before needing to wait until next spring in 2020.

I would be surprised if any bee keeper would sell a NUC in Winter. Especially Melbourne.
That said look in the papers or search on line for somebody with a shop at their apiary. I would go in person and talk to them about when they take orders and when they release the NUC’s.
You should be able buy a NUC late Spring- early Summer 2019…perhaps you meant that when you typed 2020.

The makeover could finish in summer that’s why I was asking so good to know maybe early summer is the latest. I did mean spring 2020 :blush: cos if garden makeover finished let’s say Feb 2020 end of summer and I couldn’t get a nuc.

If you are in the suburbs you could still get your hive going this Spring using the surrounding gardens to feed your hive.:smirk:
That aside, I would still talk to potential NUC providers to get an idea of their plans on releasing NUCs.

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Ok will do. Also probably join a local club and do a beekeeping course in preparation. Will know how the garden is tracking in August.

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Yes that is great way to get started.

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