Calling all Australian beekeepers!

I am a university student carrying out my dissertation on beekeeping and I am looking for any Australian beekeepers that would be willing to answer a short questionnaire (5 minutes). If you are from Australia and are happy to give it a go please follow the link below:

As you may know, Australia is the only country in the world that is free of the Varroa mite, one of the most dangerous and pervasive pests of honeybees, and I am very interested to see how this affects beekeeping strategies and treatment methods when compared to my home country of the UK. I currently have over 100 replies from beekeepers within the UK and I am trying to reach a similar number for Australian beekeepers. I have contacted a number of beekeeping organisations and associations in Australia but have yet to receive the amount of replies I am aiming for. If you live in Australia and may know of any beekeepers that might be willing to answer my short questionnaire please pass on the link above or get them to contact me directly at:

Thanks for your time

Luke McEvoy-Hughes


Keep the research happening.

Doneā€¦ Not sure how much help I can be as bees in Australia are pretty healthy.

Yes I agree with Rod, what can possibly be gained at your end from our input @lmh59.
Are you a beekeeper?

It would be great to have aerial spraying by helicopters for mosquito stopped, or at least warning when it is going to happen, it knocks bee colonies about badly, whatever they use is really nasty stuff.

Sucses for all world beekeepersā€¦from indonesia