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Can Flow Hive use on harvesting Stingless Bee honey (Trigona Bee)


Hi Flow Forum Members

I am located in Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia and interested to harvest Stingless Bee or Trigona Bee honey. I would be grateful if any of this forum members can advise or share their experience if the Flow Hive can be used to harvest stingless bee honey.

Would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you all so much.

Cheers Andrew


Short answer is “No” … sorry. Trigona are too small. There are ways to adapt a stingless colony and put a super on them however the quantity of honey per year is small… 1-2 jars.


Hi Rodderick

Thanks so much for your response, appreciate it. In that case will look into more research on how to harvest stingless bee honey in a more efficient and practical way.

Thank again Rodderick.

Cheers Andrew


Hi Achinyf
Here in my country (Indonesia) people use modified “breast pump” to harvest honey (Trigona), so they can harvest honey without damaging the hive. :slightly_smiling:


Hi Michael

Thanks for your info.

Cheers Andrew


Hi Andrew,

See this video it might help you locate a hive that would help with your stingless bees.