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Can I apply Tung Oil with bees in the hive?

So I’m new to bee keeping. I caught a swarm and got them into my hive before I was able to get tung oil on my hive. Is it ok for the bees to apply it while they are in the hive or is that a bad idea?

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Hi John, Why don’t you get yourself a cheap Nuc box and transfer them. Then take the Flow box away and treat it properly and after letting it dry for a few weeks, transfer the bees back again. You really need to get the treatment inside the dovetail corners, moisture has a way of getting into the smallest crevices and rotting from the inside out in a very short timeframe.


@Rodderick thanks for the idea. That sounds great. The only thing im wondering is that i just caught this swarm and i have to disrupt them pretty bad to get them out of my fireplace. Is is ok to move them again so soon?
Here is the video if you want some entertainment :slight_smile:


You can absolutely go w/o the tung oil. Cedar ages well and is durable all on its own.

Great video - still watching. Kudos for diving in.

Update: This may be one of the best beekeeping videos ever.


Wow! how are they now?

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Thanks Bobby. It was really fun and I’m so happy they stayed.


They are doing great. I’m feeding them sugar water and they are taking it down! So far so good!

It should be fine for the bees. They don’t like that much if they get a big glob on them, but it is non-toxic. It takes a couple of weeks to cure, so you may find hive parts sticking together, but a hive tool should separate them quite easily. Nice colony you rescued there, well done! :blush:

What are you moving them for? To coat with Tung Oil? To finally locate them? If you are moving them for an hour or so to coat the hive, they should be fine. If you are relocating them to their final site, that is whole different can of worms… Ermm frame of brood?? :smile:

Congrats on your youtube Diploma, may it give you many years of confidence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nicely done!
Free :honeybee:’S !

I’d just put the tung oil on it with the bees in it if that’s what you want. The bees won’t pay much attention.

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Thank you. I just got gone and it was fine :blush:

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That is a fantastic video…truly entertaining. And yes, you did fine “for an amateur beekeeper”. Far more brave than I would have been. I love the “40 hour YouTube Degree”. I’m gonna have to remember that one!


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I had some tung oil treated pine mold and switched to teak oil with better results on both pine & cedar. The finish results are about the same but teak oil resists mold better. Regarding the corners, I used a hot wax gun in all the corners on the inside and in any cracks or crevices. Then just oiled the exterior. Has worked fine and speeds up the process of installing the bees right away since the inside is not stained and remains natural. PS: I have also used Elmer’s glue between the joints on the inside with similar success. Just don’t use it outside as moisture will soften it.

This is the greatest video, gave me a laugh. That’s the best thing about the Flow Hive it is sparking a interest in bee keeping from people who would never have become involved. I too have a Flow Hive and a graduate from YouTube and Google ( double degree ) just loving my bees. Good Luck and looking forward to the next instalment hahaha