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Can i feed my bees the honey out of the wax melter?

Hi all,

hope everyone is having a great new year.

I have a few kilos of honey that came out of the wax melter (from cappings and comb) and I was wondering if I can feed it to the bees in time of nectar dearth?

what else can I possibly use that honey for? any suggestions?

I would be careful, as prolonged heating of honey can result in HMF formation, which is poisonous to bees. :hushed:

I’ve measured our solar wax melter gets up to about 60-65 degrees Celcius (max). Any honey that collects under the wax layer is set aside specifically for cooking/baking where its going to be heated anyway. We’ve also used some for a batch of mead, which consumes it in greater quantities than baking, and the mead turned out ok too.

We don’t feed it back to the bees though, just in case of what @Dawn_SD mentioned.