Flow Frames Filled with Wax

Hello Everyone,

A fellow beekeeper from the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait!! I’ve recently received my first flowhive about a month ago and looked forward to possibly being one of the first beekeepers here to actually get it to work!! (beekeepers here can’t seem to get the bees interested in them). Good news is, I made sure to follow all of the advice here on the forums about getting the bees interested in storing honey in the flow frames and it seems to work! After coating the flow frames with wax and scraping some burr comb on the frames, the bees have started closing the gaps in one of the frames in the middle. I understand that one of the first steps towards storing honey in the flowframes is closing the gaps between cells. This seems to be happening, however, some of the cells seem to be filled all the way to 3/4 with wax!! Is this normal? I’ll make sure to take some pictures next time to share!!

Hi Nasser, that sounds unusual. Hopefully it’s only a few cells & it wont stop the cells from splitting when it’s time to harvest.
Some photos will help, for sure.

Welcome Nasser, it’s great to have you! How long have you been keeping bees? Yes please do post some pictures of those cells when you can.

After some deliberation, I realized that it was probably wax that I had overrated on the flow frame. It probably got into the cells and hardened, thus why I thought they were filling them in with it. Apologies!!


No worries - and that makes sense! How’s the nectar flow in your region right now?

It’s slowly ramping up. We have cold but short winters here, so flow is kinda steady during. Spring is where it really ramps up.

Hopefully you’ll see the cells get sealed and extended before long, and then those first beautiful drops of nectar will appear in them - keep us posted on how it goes!