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Can I reuse frames with dead capped brood?


So unfortunately my hive is it done for the year. My queen died/left/wasn’t laying and my attempts to introduce a new Queen failed. Upon my last inspection there were a few bees still living in the hive. I decided to let them live out their days in peace. But now they are all dead, and I decided to wait until next spring before getting a new package of bees. I didn’t think they would have enough time before the winter to store up honey.
So, now my question is can I reuse pulled wax frames in my hive next year? There is still some dead brood that never hatched in the comb. Or am I better off scraping off all the wax and letting the bees start over next year. It wasn’t sure if it was sanitary or not for the new bees, I’m also worried because I don’t really know what killed my last hive for sure.


That is the key. If I didn’t know why they died, I would render the wax and use it for candles rather than put it into another hive. Probably over-cautious, but I wouldn’t want to spread any disease from the old hive. :cry:

I just found a link to the USDA, who will test your bees or brood for free, if you are based in the US:


Check for disease as recommended for sure, but it is definitely possible for the hive to leave themselves queenless. It is not uncommon.


I’m with Dawn on this one. Better to play it safe rather than be sorry and regret it later. Cut out all the wax and render, let the bees rebuild from scratch, afterall they are good at it.


Don’t use them.
How cheap are frames?


Thank you everyone for your input! I will take out all the wax and melt it down.


Thank you for your feedback and final decision. It is always nice to know what people decide to do after they ask a question. It helps all of us. :blush:


I do it and the bees clean it out just fine. It’s the same thing that happens when a swarm moves into a dead-out. It’s simple enough to rule out AFB (for me).