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Using old frames from died hives

Ok all I am in a huge dilemma right now. I pick up 2 new hive packages tomorrow and I am really struggling with wether to reuse my frames / honey from last years hive that all died of what I believe is CCD. Are these frames safe to use on the new packages? The hive died before winter hit and and I left everything in the box over the winter. I bought all new frames and everything to restart but I know it takes a huge load off the bees if some of the frames are already drawn out and filled with honey. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks

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Do you have any photos that you can post? It is very hard to know without inspecting. Most likely would be varroa - did you treat for varroa? If so what did you use and when did you do it?

If it is varroa, you certainly reuse the frames and honey. If it looks more ominous, you would be better to start with fresh. :wink:

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Describe what you did to monitor and protect your hive from Varroa mites last year.


I believe you are mistaken. Whilst I think the others are on the money with the big V, it is important to find the actual reason the colony failed for the future.



Like the others have answered … Your die-off was most certain Varroa mite kill off. Mites can’t live in or on the wax frames, pollen, honey, etc without a host (bees n/or larva-pupae).

The frames can look a bit gross n have mold n grim from sitting the winter :snowflake:! I reuse these nasty frames up all the time.

Good luck n take care,


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