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Can the Indigogo $65 voucher that came with Flow hive 2 be used for an extra Brood Box? And which available Brood Box is compatible with Flow hive 2?


I’m thinking of using my $65 voucher on either the smoker or an extra Brood Box. Just not sure if it is valid for Brood boxes. Also, is there a flow hive 2 Brood Box or would the classic Brood Box be compatible? 8 or 10 frame. Complete noob here if you can’t already tell. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum and to bee keeping. I have 8 frame brood boxes that will take my flow hive supers on them. I am planning to have my hives with two full depth 8 frame brood boxes then flow hive supers on all of them, I am figuring that will be suitable for the climate and conditions in my location.
Maybe a phone call to Flow Hive will help answer about the voucher deal.


Hi Michael,

The voucher cannot be used for brood boxes, but it can be used for smokers.

However, we have set up a brood box starter kit for USA customers who need to get started now and are waiting for their hive to arrive in May, June or July.
To get this starter special, the customer needs to email customer service with their Flow Hive 2 order number or the email they used when they ordered so we can organise this special deal.
(you will most likely not need to rush like our Flowbees in the Northern Hemisphere, as Spring in Australia will be coming later :slight_smile: )

In the email you were sent with your voucher code you will see a list of things you can and can’t buy with the voucher.

There are a limited supply of preorder (estimated shipping July) western red cedar brood boxes available on our AU website here:

The normal western red cedar brood boxes will also fit your Flow Hive 2, there will just be a millimetre or 2 difference around the sides, hardly noticeable.

The Flow Hive 2 is the same size as a Flow Hive Classic 6 frame (they both have 6 Flow Frames).

Here are the terms listed at the end of the email:

• Vouchers are valid for use until September 30th 2018.
• Voucher is valid for the purchase of Flow Hives, Flow Supers, Flow Frames, beekeeper’s suits and smokers.
• Voucher excludes the purchase of Flow bundles, brood boxes, spares, gift vouchers and shipping fees.
• Voucher is not eligible for use in conjunction with other discounts or vouchers (eg. other coupon codes, sale items and bundles.)

Also, it is best to check with a local beekeeper or bee club how many brood boxes they recommend in your area. E.g. Canberra will be very different to Cairns.
We have a section on this forum which discusses how many brood boxes to use based on location:

I hope that helps :slight_smile: