Bought a used partial hive, trying to piece back together

I bought a pair of used hives - one is perhaps a classic? flow super with 7 flow frames and a roof. I’m trying to figure out what brood boxes and other pieces are compatible with this one? I literally just have the flow super and the hive cover which has screen attached to it - no inner cover, no bottom board, no brood box etc. I couldn’t find anything obviously compatible on the flow website - suggestions please? Conventional and flow options- it would be very nice if I could buy the pieces locally.

Wouldn’t the most obvious thing to do be attach a couple of photos of what you bought?

Sound like you need a 10 frame langstroth brood box and bottom board. What you bought may be a Flow copy.


Any Standard langstroth broad box will suit.
The only difference from the flow brood box is that they have a screen bottom board. You can buy one of of the those or go without. It is better to have some mesh at the bottom and a tray of some sort to aid in monitoring any leaks when harvesting. And of course the flow brood box is very good quality.
Good luck

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