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Cedar Brood Box in Australia?


I have one of the original FlowHive hives… I want more brood boxes in cedar. Why does the US site sell cedar brood boxes but the Australian site doesn’t ? This is an Aussie product, yet aussies are being screwed over by having less choices than other markets.


You may be better off asking Flow Hive themselves. I haven’t just looked but a few weeks back the cedar boxes were available. An email to them will get you a reply pretty quickly with all the info in what is available.


I had a cedar brood box (new Flow 2 type handles) delivered last week although I ordered it in April, probably an production backlog clearing, now the US is going into winter. As @Peter48 comment contact FlowHive direct and they will advise.


Try ordering from Amazon and see if that works.


I bet that @KieranPI or one of his colleagues would know the answer. :wink:


G,day Ortovosh,

I can understand your disappointment. I just want to let you know, it is due to the preorder queue for Flow Hive 2’s and extra brood boxes, all of our Cedar in Australia is going towards fulfilling these orders. When we catch up, we can look at stocking our warehouse for shipping in 1-2 business days to our fellow Aussies.

We are catching up, as production is ramped up :slight_smile: We have gone from what was originally a 3 month wait to now estimated shipping within the same month. https://www.honeyflow.com.au/collections/all/products/flow-hive-2.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email, info@honeyflow.com and we can see what can be done for you.

Also note, Cedar is a sustainably sourced timber from the USA, and we have had the opportunity to put a lot of stock there since our launch in 2015. –Kieran (Flow Team)


Great! Tennessee is full of cedar wood. Fantastic.