Where can I get a western red cedar second brood box from?

Hi again everyone.
Just looking for a second brood box full deep or medium. But I can’t find where to get a western red cedar one from…? I checked out beethinking.com but the postage costs are far too much… is there anywhere in aus that I can get one from…?

In the US, both Flow and www.beethinking.com sell them. Here is Flow’s listing:

I suspect that @Faroe will know whether the Oz web site has them - I can’t persuade the page to load for me, but I am in the US. :blush:

At the moment we don’t have WRC brood boxes in stock in Australia - https://www.honeyflow.com.au/collections/all
We have pine brood boxes.
I’m sorry I don’t know when they will become available again.

You can always try and email customer support, and see if you can get a shipping quote for a WRC brood box - https://www.honeyflow.com.au/pages/contact

Might be quite a bit though…

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My hives have a pine slatted rack, and although the wood is different, they don’t look out of place. So one option may be for you to get a pine box, and Tung Oil or wood stain/seal it to match as closely as possible. Here is a photo, so you can see what I mean:

The slatted rack is the shallow box under the bottom deep and on top of the SBB.


Thanks Dawn.

Yes a bit of staining or creative painting might do the trick :wink:

I’ve got a pine half deep super I’m using to make honeycomb. Both the pine box (3 coats) and WRC (2 coats) are sealed only with tung oil. You can judge from the photo below if you can accept the difference.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I can see a difference, but only because I’m looking hard.

I don’t think anyone would be judging the difference in a negative way. Just natural differences in nature :slight_smile: