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Chalk brood, should I use a Hive mat in the flow hive? Kangaroo Island, South Australia


I’ve been getting some chalk brood on the bottom corflute so I made a entrance reducer for my flow brood box to keep the brood warmer, should I also put a hive mat on top of my brood frames ?
I have the flow gable roof with the inner cover and have blocked off the hole in that cover.
My next inspecting is due in a week or so and I am hoping to put the flow frames on, should I use a hive mat on top of the flow frames if I get to that stage ? I’m on Kangaroo Island South Australia


I’m not sure about the hive mat- but I think it would be fine and might help. I cut mine out so there is a 1 inch gap all around the edges so bees and air can move above the mat.

I had a hive with chalkbrood last year and it now seems to have cleared up. The one important thing for me I think was to get the hive really well built up. In your photo there are only a few bees visible; how busy is that hive? I wouldn’t add the flow box unless the hive is completely teeming with bees inside- all frames fully drawn out and covered in bees. If you add it too early there may be too much room and air circulation int he hive- which maybe won’t help with the chalkbrood?

Apparently one treatment for chalkbrood is to put a very ripe banana on the top of the frames- not sure if it will fit though with the flow inner cover. perhaps you could put it on top of the inner cover and have the hole opened. Apparently bananas also make bees angry so be suited up if you decide to try this…


Hi Jack,
It’s a windy cool day today and the bees may well be keeping warm?, as you would know the last few days have been 40c and my hive sounded like it had an engine running inside !
Late arvo my hive gets busy but I will take your advice and wait untill the brood box is full before the flow frames go on
Your banana trick sounds interesting !
I guess it’s hard to say and depends on how much nectar is around but do you think I still have time to get the super on before winter ?


Absolutely! Two years ago my mother installed her flow hive in late January or February- she was able to harvest several times that season- maybe 30kg? There’s still months of potential honey left this year!


I have the same problem atm with my flow hive. I found the roof was leaking causing mould in the hive roof. I have sealed up the roof with silicon and wiped out the roof with bleach to kill the mould spores. I have also tried the banana trick but to no avail. One frame had a lot of chalkbrood so i removed it and put in a new foundation. They seem to have now favoured the new frame for brood so i am now going to rotate out the old frames to try and get rid of the chalkbrood spores. I have also ordered a new queen as that is what everyone recommends. Dont be in a hurry to put the flow super on if the hive isnt full of bees and all frames fully drawn with brood.