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Checking queen is below an excluder

Checked my bees today and found Brood in my second Ideal. So have Brood box, Ideal 1, Ideal 2 and have added Ideal 3. Because I don’t want brood in Ideal 2 I installed an excluder. Is there an easy way to check I haven’t Captured the queen above the excluder?
Thanks Dit

If you find worker brood above the QX, that will indicate that you have either captured her up there or she has found a gap in the QX. Inspect every frame carefully until you find her. After you find her & place her below the QX, check the QX carefully for any gaps that are larger than normal. If you can’t find her, just shake all of the bees into the bottom box/s, thoroughly check the QX & put everything back together again.


Thanks for the advice I will go through the frames just in case next fine
Best wishes

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