Checking the swarm catch - Beginner beekeeping tips and Q n A

In this live stream, Cedar checks on the swarm he caught last week to make sure it’s got a laying queen.

He touches on commonly questioned topics in a swarm such as queen-spotting, eggs in cells and naturally drawn comb.

Here are some of the live’s highlights on the timeline:

00:00 - Queenspotting
02:30 - Swarm check
11:29 - Honey harvesting
16:13 - How long to dehydrate honey?
20:17 - Checking middle Flow Frames
26:10 - Beekeeper training
28:05 - Pollinator house
30: 52 - How long to fill brood box?
35:34 - Wild bees
38:34 - Waggle dancing bee
42:50 - Painting the hive
46:58 - Pest management tray
50:55 - Storing Flow Frames for winter

Read the full transcript of this live HERE.

What are your pressing questions about new swarms? If you’ve recently caught a swarm this season, how is it settling in?

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