Preventing Swarming With Cedar

It’s swarm season here in Australia and the southern hemisphere now - so in this timely livestream Cedar talks about ways to potentially prevent it! (No guarantees though :wink: )

Here’s the timeline of main topics covered:

00:00 - Splitting a hive
04:00 - Making space in the hive
09:00 - Choosing frames to remove
13:13 - Remove comb from frame
16:35 - Smoking hands & Splits
19:00 - Cycling brood frames
22:00 - Cross-comb & 2nd Brood Box
26:54 - Varroa treatments
30:16 - How many splits?
36:26 - Flow Frame cell size

View the full transcript here.

Have you done a split this season yet? Or perhaps your bees swarmed? Were you able to catch the swarm? Let us know how your Spring is springing!