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Christmas day Heat was nice and hot in Geraldton WA

Well after a recorded braking Christmas day temp in Geraldton of 47.3c my hybrid hive lost its battle to keep it cool and the honey comb in the super let go and flooded the hive no to hope they they can come back but I don’t like there chances as they have lost a lot of the workers along with the queen. How did everyone else go so far

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It was also very hot in Mandurah. I put out numerous water stations. I have my hive in a courtyard area and had my gardener put up some “cool white” sheets directly over the hive.
During the heat of the day I was out there with my hose - cooling down the area in and around the hive as much as I could.
I was genuinely concerned but they seemed to have managed.
Sorry for the loss of your bees.
When I posted my concerns earlier about the upcoming heatwave a couple of posters suggested some insulation. Might help you going forward.

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Sorry to hear you hive had heat issues. It was certainly hot!! Today is the first day in Perth under 40deg c for a while, at least until next week.

My main hive did fine with the heat. It is a long lang hive made of extra thick wood. Hardly any bees outside needing to beard. It has a flow super on top. It has reinforced for me the importance of insulation.

My ‘normal’ lang hive had a truckload of bees outside bearding.

My small hive had the same issues as you. It looks like some comb has melted and let go. They are now hanging outside the hive a lot and did a practice swarm yesterday.