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Honey leaking in the heat

This is interesting and worrisome as climate change takes its toll.

Do you guys experience this?

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The last time I saw that in Nebraska was back in 1984. Luckily we got global warming and things cooled off…

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Hey mate, That is an interesting story but with the dark color and brick subjected to the heat of the day I can only see her situation getting worse with the climate getting hotter. That is a good warning for bee keepers to have some shade to help if they are in a hot climate.
This past year here has been the records for maximum temperature and longest heatwave as well as very little rain with none in my wet season. The average over the past 10 years has also broken previous 10 year averages for heat and a lack of rain according to the BOM…
Last year I had made plans to build up my apiary to 50 hives but with this past year I have to accept that the local bush can’t support that many hives, especially if the last year is going to be the new ‘normal’. Even local rain forests have gone up in smoke with the recent bush fires.


last year- after the heatwave where it reached up to 47c in Adelaide one day- I had two calls from people who had honey leaking down their chimneys. In one case the entire colony collapsed down into their living room- with the bees all dying and drowning in honey. Their dog got stung when he tried to eat a bee. That was the day that two of my hives died and thousands died across the state. This year all of my hives will have shade cloth on them if temps go over 42c.