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Cigar for smoke


Thick as a Brick and Aqualung.


I have yet to have any veil on during my inspections. I did have gloves on once when I had to fix a really bad burr comb issue.

You can’t be afraid of the girls.


I dont even put bands on my pants - do I just have really nice bees. Maybe you blokes just don’t know how to treat the ladies!


“harm the bees?” No, but you may want to consider the harm to you :scream:


I can!!! :smile: :scream: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


No science backing this (AFAIK) but I think they can “smell” your concern. Try to get comfortable with them and I think they will be calmer.

… but what do I know … I have been at this for three months …


They can detect carbon dioxide, so if you are breathing heavily (fearfully), I suppose they could detect that. There was a spot on my gloves that used to get repeatedly stung. I think a bee probably daubed alarm pheromone on it in a larger than usual quantity. A bit of a scrub with Pink Miracle saddle soap cleaned it up and now they largely ignore my gloves.

After a few decades of beekeeping, I have not found my bees to be reliably docile enough to go without protective gear. I also have very sensitive skin, and tend to get a more vigorous local reaction than most. For example, I was stung on my neck a couple of weeks ago, and had swelling and redness over an 8" area. Needed to cover it up with a light scarf for a few days! :blush: So generally I try to avoid being stung by suiting up and being gentle. I will never trust them, though. :wink:


When I look up the definition of stupidity, I don’t see the word afraid in the description lol


QED. Back to the Jethro Tull album “Thick as a Brick!”