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Inspection tool box- what’s in yours?


I’ve done a search and haven’t found anything specifically on this topic so I thought I’d start this.
Show us your everyday “just going to wander down and have a quick look” inspection kit.
We may be able to pick up some handy hints from each other.

A cheap plastic toolbox with a slot cut into the lid that the smoker hangs off.

It has an internal tray which is handy for the smaller stuff.

Couldn’t live without-
Mini butane blowtorch
Magnetic hive tool holster

Just in case stuff-
Epi pen
Sting goes spray (placebo :grin:)
Flow hat with veil (for spectators)
Spare hive tool (cause I’m getting old and I lose stuff)

Sometime use-
Magnifying glass (again,getting old)
Top up pine needles


Wilfred is laughing. I have 4 hive tools and at any one time can only locate…none (most frequent) or 1 or 2 or 3 or all 4. Know the feeling.
Edit: I am guessing the butane torch is to start your smoker.


Hi @Brad13 here is my offering.

Not all items are taken to hives for inspections, I leave some of it on patio table where I light the smoker.

Left to Right
Plastic toolbox.
Tea Towels to cover top of hive as progressing from frame to frame.
Hessian (Burlap) for smoker.
Bite away for stings.
Frame nails (container.)
Frame hanger.
Flow harvesting tubes.
Old hessian from hive mat (smoker fuel.)
Hive tool.
Knife for burr comb.
Insulation tape.
Paint brush for melted wax (flow frames etc.)
Pine needles (smoker fuel.)
Bee brush.
Lemon grass oil.
Matches/Lighter for smoker.
Rubber bands.
Paper bark (smoker fuel.)
Stainless steel mesh (various offcuts)
Stainless steel bucket for smoker.

I think I will add those two to my toolbox , great idea for a thread, cheers Brad.


I can’t live without my PPHT (perfect pocket hive tool).

I always put used masking tape in my smoker fuel box. A little strip of masking tape makes a perfect fire starter. It ignites easy & burns long enough to get a fire going without any fumes.


Me too. :flushed:
I have my beek section in the shed which is where my equipment lives. The hives are all on my block so my toolbox is usually plan related. I’m a simple beekeeper, usually I get by with a smoker, a hive tool, my jacket and gloves. When I invariably lose, forget or need something it’s just a short walk to the shed.
I spend too much time in the shed…


Correct, the mini blowtorch is for lighting the smoker. I fill and pack the smoker tightly and then light the bottom through two of the vent holes for twenty seconds or so, drop the canister into the smoker with the smouldering section in front of the bellows and away it goes. I find it easier and quicker than lighting a lump and packing on top of it.
As for losing things, I was using a chisel yesterday, put it down and two minutes later couldn’t find it. Get another chisel out, go to clamp the job and the original one is sitting on the vice in plain sight. The next twenty years are going to be a challenge :roll_eyes:


I love this, my hive tool is always handy. If you’re pulling a tough frame there’s no fiddling around, just get it near the holster at whatever angle and it’ll stay there.


Good tip Jeff, I’ll give the masking tape a try. Have you got a photo of you pocket hive tool?


Hi Brad, if you google “perfect pocket hive tool”, you’ll see lots of images of them. I just saw one on ebay for under $5.00.

PS. The only negative going for it is when you scrape a lot of hard wax, the point can dig into your glove & make a hole if you don’t watch it. This is when I scrape QX’s. It’s best to place them in the sun for a while first to soften the wax. What I’m doing lately is have a clean QX on standby to swap over.


I’d add liquid Benadryl and some Pepcid/Tagamet/Zantac tablets.