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Classic Cedar Flow Hive, Hybrid Flow, and older wooden bee-boxes 4 PU in Seattle

Classic Cedar Flow hive: barely used by bees in 2018, it is weathered as has been sitting outside for two years. Plus, we have used Flow frames: four are brand new in box, two have been waxed by bees.
In addition we have four Flow frames and peek-a-boo super from our original Flow hybrid; these have been fully waxed by bees. Please contact me if you are interested-for PU only in Seattle.
Make me an offer :^)

Note: We kept bees for 12 years and then took a 3-year hiatus after a combination of yellow jackets and forest fire smoke demolished our bees in 2017 and 2018. Hoping to get Seattle area interest in some used but still usable bee boxes and flow hives.