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Advice needed on Classic Cedar vs. Hybrid Cedar please. :)



I just set up my Classic Flow Hive and am excitedly awaiting the arrival of our bee packages! One hive was the original intention, however, my enthusiasm had its way with me and now we’re getting three! I need two more Flow Hive supers.

Do you prefer the Classic or the Hybrid? Please explain. They both have great benefits!

Thank you!


I just saw this post, and noticed you got no replies, sorry about that.
Have you since decided and bought your Flow Supers?

The Flow Super Hybrid is a good option if you want honeycomb honey and honey straight out of the hive.

Some use the hybrid because they want beeswax for making natural cosmetics for example :slight_smile:


There are quite a few recent posts from owners of Hybrid supers, saying the bees use the traditional frames and totally ignore the plastic frames, even when the plastic has been coated with melted wax.

I am sure that this varies, but personally I am happy with my Classic Super. If I want comb honey, I just put a traditional medium on instead, or on top of the Flow super. :wink:


I heard the opposite of that too - where people who had hybrids thought the bees were encouraged to use the Flow Frames quicker :baby_chick:

Seems to be different depending on the person/hive…


Typical of beekeepers! :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heart_eyes: