Classic Flow Hive harvest

Cedar was harvesting from our original model - the Flow Hive Classic, for the first time in a while in this livestream. We’ve also got details on our Araucaria sale. Cedar explains some of the differences between the Classic model and the Flow Hive 2 and answered a range of beekeeping questions.

Some topic highlights on today’s timeline are:

00:00 - Flow Hive Classic
08:40 - Bearding
11:01 - Condensation
14:38 - Collecting propolis + wax
17:04 - Slope for harvesting
21:07 - What sized brood box do I need?
26:00 - Flow Hive sale
29:39 - Spider in the hive
35:24 - Inspect before harvest?
42:01 - Base for Classic hive

View the full transcript here.

Tell us your harvesting stories! We love hearing your trials, tribulations and triumphs :slight_smile: