Cleaning and starting new after maggots moved in

Hi folks, recently i was away on holidays and came back to an empty hive (looks like they swarmed when i was away), and maggots had moved in to slime the brood box :frowning:

Ive since hosed and cleaned out the brood box, but even though the flow frames had been capped, the honey smelt off so i had drained it.

Is there a good method to clean the frames? I was thinking about running them through the dishwasher on 40 degrees to clean out the old wax and old rancid honey.

I also had issues with my previous bees not usijg all the flow frames, they would avoid 1/2 or a side entirely. So not sure how best to get the bees to use them without cleaning it all up.

Any advice on starting again before i get a new batch of bees?



I wouldn’t risk the dishwasher unless you are single and very patient. @busso has a hilarious story about that. A sink or bucket of hand hot water and detergent would be much better. I would use the detergent, as it really does sound like an SHB slime out, as @skeggley implies in his post. SHB carry fermenting organisms, which make the honey smell bad, and may persist in the frames. If that smell persists, the bees won’t touch the frames.

Sorry for your loss. :cry: