Cleaning Propolis off Flow Frames

Just wondering if anyone has any Tips, Tricks or Advice on how to clean the Flow frames ? At the end of the season last year I put the frames for the bees (and wasps etc) to clean up. Unfortunately they still have A LOT of propolis on them that I am having a hard time getting off!

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There are a couple of things you can try. I would first start by putting them in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Freezing makes propolis brittle and it will dislodge more easily when you open and close the frames repeatedly.

The other thing that some people have tried is carefully cleaning them with a pressure washer hose. Don’t get too close with it though, or you may damage the plastic. It will be even more brittle if you left them out in the sun for the “clean up” that you mentioned. Flow frames don’t like UV light, so it is really best not to put them out in the sun.

When you get them clean, another thing to consider is taking them off a little earlier in the season. After about July or August, bees switch from gathering food to gathering propolis, and they then smear it over anything that they think has a gap or is drafty. Prevention is simpler than cleaning up! :wink:


Thanks, I’ll give those ideas a try !

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Hi Derrick,
Often warm running water will be adequate (not hot as this isn’t good for the plastic).
Remember that they don’t need to be pristine, just not dirty, if that makes sense!

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