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Cleaning the drain area of the flow frame

We just started our beekeeping last year, purchasing the flow frames and 2 NUCs. We did not get honey last year, for ourselves, however we did have activity in both flow hives. By winter the bees seemed to move it all to the brood box. I noticed that there was dirt in the area where the honey drains from the flow hives. Since spring is approaching here, in Louisiana, and our bees are very active I decided to clean them out. I found that Q-Tips with a 6" wooden handles worked great. I cleaned each one today in the hive where I saw the debris.

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Howdy, not sure if you saw a recent post regarding cleaning of the honey trough, posting a link below. However your Q-tip is a great idea. How far will they reach up into the channel?


I didn’t see it, sorry. Thanks for sharing.