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Flow channel has honey in it

Hi I seem to have honey in bottom of flow channel. Can anyone tell me what is causing this problem. Thanks Barb

I have seen this before and it has happened to me. I would suggest to drain the honey out of the trough and then clean the channel with a moist clean cloth using your Flow key. I don’t have an answer except to say that the bees have not adequately patched the gaps with wax.

Yes it does happen from time to time more often after removing honey as the last little bits drop in from above. Also best to ensure the wires on the flow frames are nice and tight in future before installing them. Place the extraction tube in the drain hole to clear the slot of propolis and then place the cap back in loosely so the remaining honey can trickle back to the bees. Before your next extraction give the channel a good rinse and scrub with a long narrow bottle brush rinsing in hot water as you go. I use a very short cut down extraction tube when cleaning so that no water gets into the hive.
Look at previous posts here re cleaning channels. Good Luck.

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Both @Rodderick and @Gaz have both given really good advice. I had that sort of issue to some extent before and after my first extraction one of my 4 Flow Hives. I never figured out the cause but guessing the bees did a pretty poor job of sealing the seams of the cells. That said after I drained the frames and fed the honey back to the bees whatever was wrong didn’t happen again. Maybe they were rushing sealing up the cells with wax for somewhere to store the honey.
Welcome to the forum, lots of experience here with folks happy to give you tips and advice Barb. Where is Jurien Bay? maybe update your profile as we are world wide and I’ll bet at some time you will ask us a question where your climate or what issues you might have will help with our answers.