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Cold and very windy winters at times in Wyoming


I’m getting ready to start a hive in the spring i live in Casper WY US what direction should the entrance of my hive face?



Your hive entrance should face Grand Junction, CO


So S.W. is the direction im looking for that’s also the direction the wind comes from the most it was my understanding not to face it into the wind? Its all new to me so I could be completely wrong?
Thanks for the help.



South is preferred, but if the prevailing winds are from there, face it south east, or even east is fine. :wink:


I do SW with a 3/8" entrance. I’ve also seen people us plexi-glass in front of the hive as a wind-break.
The main thing is that you are warm when looking out your window at the hive. Also, don’t shovel all the snow away from the hive, it makes great insulation.