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Colorado Flow Hive - Not Working


This is my second year using the Flow Hive and the bees haven’t deposited a drop of honey. Last year, they were slow to take to it, but eventually filled most frames. This year, not a drop. This is with a strong colony, a healthy queen, and very solid nectar flow. The bees filled the gaps with wax but wouldn’t deposit anything in them. By comparison, my other (Langstroth) hives all had a great year. Any thoughts on how to resolve?



Did you have any langstroth supers on this hive? I had a hive that I put a hybrid super on this year. I coated the brand new flow frames with some brace comb wax from that hive and they took to it right away. I have read many responses to other Flow users like yourself and the jist of most of them was the bees will use them when they are ready too. I have a friend in Western Montana that has three strong hives but none of them stored any honey in the supers this summer. I would think that since they have already filled in the gaps with wax that when they had excess honey to store they would start putting honey in the flow frames.

I am sure that others will respond as well.


Are you saying it worked last year but not this year?

I think there are hundreds of posts about bees not using the frames and many good ideas on how to force them to use the frames.

Just type in “Bees not using Flow” and you may find some suggestions.