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Empty Flow Frames in a Hybrid Super

I have an original Hybrid set up which has performed well in the past but this year the bees seem to have rejected it. The ‘normal’ frames on either side are full of honey and the hive looks ok but all three Flow frames have failed to produce anything! There are plenty of bees amongst the flow frames but thats it. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Thanks in anticipation

Hey Ron, maybe go into your profile and fill in where you live, at some point you will ask a question where your location matters. The town and state is enough for us to give better advice.
Bees will use a frame that they have built out with bees wax in preference to the plastic frames that are in a Flow Hive Super, or any other plastic frames for that matter.
If there is a dearth happening with no nectar coming into the hive they can’t fill the flow frames.
If there is a strong flow happening and the bees have no other option they will store the honey in the Flow Frames. It is there natural instinct to forage and store honey.


Thanks Peter, I’m in Melbourne Australia and I’m sure the flow has been great this spring and summer. I had plenty of honey in my neighbouring Hybrid box! so it is still a mystery to me and I appreciate your help.

Regards Ron

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As Peter said. The flow wasn’t good enough for the bees to get to the flow frames.
I noticed not all colonies hook onto the same flow at the same time, so you may get a hive storing it up, but the one next to it is onto something else that may yield way less.
Now that our local main flow is over in the Byron mountains, I’m quite excited to see the different colonies (16 up here) to bring in different amounts of different nectar.
What I mean to say is, you can’t expect a colony to perform as the one next to it.
And before you replace your queen, give her a month.

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Hi Ron we had both Hybrid and a full flow hive side by for 2 years and the hybrid just didn’t do as well with the same results as yours. The bees always left the typical arch of empty cells as if for brood in the middle flow frames. Modified to a full flow and results much better.

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Thanks Gaz your feedback is much appreciated.


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Thanks. Your feedback is much appreciated

My experience was the exact same as Gaz. Bees never filled the central arc in the flow frames- despite the standard ones being fully drawn and capped several times over. Converted to full flow.

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Thanks once again. Great to get this support